We are software developers team (not a firm)!

We develop oracle databases with business logic on Oracle PL/SQL language.

If your project needs developers, who can develop business logic on java and / or pl/sql or dba’s who can work with oracle databaes, weblogic servers and Oracle linux / RedHat servers, may be one of us can help to you.

You could suggest job with salary 10$ / hour

Some developers from us have more then 5 years experiense with PL/SQL and some have experiense more then 5 years with oracle databases as DBA.

We are russians and have no any visa et, but we can develop business logic remotely.
You can grant access to us in your internal network by VPN, or you can send database dump and technical document. (That is simple)

If you’ll want to suggest us to business trip, you should help us with visa.