Oracle MOOC: PL/SQL Fundamentals (2018)

You can check, may be access to the materials still available on official oracle website.


In this course you are introduced to programming concepts using Oracle PL/SQL. Procedural Language Extension to SQL” or simply PL/SQL is an extension to SQL which provides many features suitable to develop business logic in the form of reusable programs. You will learn to write simple PL/SQL blocks of application code that can be shared by multiple forms, reports, and data management applications.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect to the Oracle Database from SQL Developer
  • Describe the features and syntax of PL/SQL
  • Design a PL/SQL anonymous block that executes efficiently
  • Write PL/SQL code to interface with the database * Use PL/SQL programming constructs and conditionally control code flow (loops, control structures, and explicit cursors)


  • Familiarity with Oracle SQL to interact with a database
  • Familiarity with using at least one database client like SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, SQLcl, LiveSQL, or any Oracle cloud service that provides access to Oracle database like Exadata Express Cloud Service.

Oracle Products

  • Oracle Database 12c or access to Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQLcl, Oracle SQL*Plus or