Oracle MOOC : SQL Fundamentals (2018) : Lesson 2: Retrieving, Restricting and Sorting Data

Welcome to the second week of SQL Fundamentals MOOC. In lesson 2, you will learn to write SQL queries to do the following:

  • Query data from tables using SELECT statement.
  • Use operators and column aliases
  • Limit row selection using WHERE clause
  • Learn comparison and logical operators
  • Sort the rows using ORDER BY clause
  • Understand substitution variables
  • Compute with single row functions
  • Understand conversion functions and conditional expressions

Please watch each video carefully to ensure that you get the information you need to complete this lesson. The videos and tutorials are listed sequentially, and we recommend that you use the instructional materials in that order. At the end of the lesson, don’t forget to take the quiz.

Solve the homework assignments to improve your understanding.

Ask any question or leave a comment in the SQL MOOC Community.


Instructional Materials

2-1: Getting Started

2-2: Retrieving Data

2-3: Restricting Data

2-4: Sorting Data

2-5: Computing with Single Row Functions

2-6: Working with Date Functions

2-7: Understanding Conversion Functions

2-8: Working with Conditional Expressions

Homework 2